The Lord has wonderfully blessed the combination of 48 years of Big Game guiding and 39 years of ministry in many ways, but none has been used more than the outreach and ministry of Sportsmen's Banquets and Events.

With a number of different labels from, "Wild Game Banquets", "Outdoor Banquets", "Beast Feasts", "God's Great Outdoor Banquets", "Hunter's Expos", "Hooves and Horns" and many others, Grant has spoken and shown "power point" programs at these Banquets and Seminars across the United States and Canada.  Many of these and other Outdoor oriented outreach programs and groups have used "The Heart of the Outdoors" Sportsmen's Bible that Grant edited and compiled with the International Bible Society.  Most of these events have been sponsored by churches, or sportsmen's groups but others have been a citywide or community wide effort.  Grant has also help churches and groups organized their first outreach of this kind.  Please email or call us for names, locations and references from past events.

In addition, Grant has been the guest speaker and Master of Ceremonies several times at the Pope and Young Club Conventions, Alaska Bowhunters Banquet, Colorado Bowhunters Banquet, and others.

He is currently available certain times of the year to speak at these events.  Please call or email with your program dates.
Copies of "The Heart of the Outdoors" Sportsmen's Bible, as well as "The Way for Cowboys" New Testament are available from Adkisson Outdoors.

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